Elevate your live performance to a higher standard

As a live keyboard musician, if you need to do program changes on several of your instruments as you go from song to song, it is likely you have to kill time in between songs that your front-person is filling in with talk as you get ready. And what if you also have to reconfigure something such as hooking up a set of knobs to a different synth? Then it really becomes nightmarish to do these things between songs.

Well, with Midi~Kuper you can do all this in an instance by just clicking a button or tapping your iPhone screen. Now you can design your performances to use all the sounds you want, from any synth you want without having to take a single pause! Midi~Kuper will recofigure your gear on the fly, smoothly, imperceptibly, where you can still be holding the last chord of the song and the next key you hit immediately changes to the sounds for the next song. No kidding! You can even control your backing tracks with the Midi~Kuper remote app.

Now you can breeze through your set from song to song, without breaks, and using all the magesty and breadth of all your keyboards, synths or other sound sources or processors. You can even send commands to change the settings on a vocal harmony box, a virtual guitar amp, a MIDI-controlled pedal or anything that can be controlled via MIDI. You will be able to do things that other bands can only do by using scores of production personnel and equipment! We guarantee this will take your performance to the next level of professionality, quality, variety and interest.

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