Use All Your Sounds

If you perform live with keyboads and synths you know you are not even using 5% of what your instruments are capable of doing. In order to keep your performance moving along, you have to set up and choose from a limited set of sounds that you can easily call up between songs. There is no time to change 10 different synths to new patches. And even if you could, how would you play them?

One option would be to surround yourself with 10 keyboards. Maybe you are layering the sounds... no sorry, you cannot easily layer sounds from 4 separate synths on the fly in a live performance! You can layer sounds from the same synth at best, and save the layer as a combination program. But you cannot layer sounds from different sources.

Maybe you are splitting keyboards... oops, can't do that either. You may be able to do keyboard splitting for sounds on the same synth, but not easily from various other synths. You would have to have that split hard-wired for every song. Bottom line: It cannot be done!

Well, that is until now! Midi~Kuper creates a giant, totally programmable MIDI control matrix in your computer that will allow you to do all of the above!

This image illustrates a two-keyboard setup with a B3 emulation on the top keys, and a grand piano and Z3TA+ synth split on the bottom keys. The piano is transposed up one octave, and a Korg Kontrol unit is fed into the B3 emulator to use for drawbars and other control.

Let's say you have 2 keyboards on stage, and you want 4 sounds, from 4 different synths, layered on the lower half of your first keyboard. Then you also want the top half of that same keyboard to use 2 other layered sounds from 2 other synths. On the second keyboard, you want a layer of 3 synth programs on its bottom half and a single sound from yet another synth on the top half.

No problem!

With Midi~Kuper you actually can do this! Crazy you say? You probably have a couple of multitimbral synths you gig with that can give you 8 simultaneous synth sounds in a "combi" or "multi" program. With two such synths, you can easily call up 16 different sounds to be used in the manner described above. And if you add sounds from VST's and other virtual instruments, you can create even crazier walls of massive sounds, live, on stage, instantly at the click of a button!

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