Massive automated MIDI matrix

Midi~Kuper is a massive, virtual MIDI matrix that allows you to connect all your controller MIDI outputs and all your synth or device MIDI inputs into it, allowing you then to program connections from any of your controllers to any of your synths or MIDI-controlled devices.

These connections are stored in Scenes that can be assigned to your songs in a song list.

You MIDI signals going through the matrix can be transposed, translated, modified and mangled on the fly as needed for the sound combinations you create. For example, you can transpose an instrument any number of chromatic steps so you can play songs in the keys you are most comfortable, regardless of the key your band or performer wants. You can change a Volume message into a Breath message, or a pitch bend into a different type of control. You can block controllers that are annoying you, like unintended aftertouch, and translate any control message to a different one so that you can control parameters in your synth with the controllers you have.

The best part is that, once you assign these combinations to your songs, you can just create a set of songs and step through them by just touching a single button, and the matrix will reconfigure your gear completely to conform to the sounds you want for any given song.

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